Shopping Cart Hero 2

This sequel after the Shopping cart hero brings not only the fun into pushing cart downhill but also with improved graphics and sound. The game allows gamers to enjoy a fast and exhilarating ride in a shopping cart down a steep hillside. With the rockets, hang gliders and many more cool features, this game brings all fantasies of pushing a shopping cart to live.

The player controls the stick-character on screen by using the arrow keys; up key for running, down key for hopping into the cart and the left and right arrows for controlling the cart as it races down a steep hill. The main objective is to move the cart as high and as fast as possible without crushing it which could kill you or your groupies.

Unlike the initial game, Shopping Cart Hero 2 allows users to adjust the quality of graphics and sound as per personal preferences. Other upgrades include football helmet, baseball hat wheely, round wheels for increased rolling speed and so on. Air tricks include up-n-out, superman and handstand all of which can be purchased with points collected during gaming.

Not interested in this game? Are you looking for something more of mind game category? Take a look at Impossible Quiz 5, you wont be disappointed 🙂

Dolphin Olympics 3

Dolphin Olympics 3There are various interesting games one can play. One of these is the dolphin Olympics 3. This game is very easy to play. This makes it a good choice for those who like interesting simple games. Just like other games, this game has its objectives. The main on is to perform tricks. The more tricks one performs, the higher the speed one gains. This owes to the fact that the game begins at a slower speed in the level one. Another objective is to perform more complex moves. This helps to boost the speed as well.

How to play the game
Playing the game is simple and it is similar to well known game Happy Wheels. Its controls are based on the direction arrows of a computer’s keyboard. The left arrow is for moving to the left. You can use the key to move upward when the dolphin is moving to the left-hand side. The right arrow is used to move the dolphin to the right. It can also be used to move the dolphin to the downward direction when the dolphin is moving to the right-hand side. For slowing down, one needs to press down the bottom arrow. Pressing down the upward arrow helps to move the dolphin forward. In order to boost the dolphin, one needs to press down the space bar.

Here is a summary of the control keys:

Left arrow – moving left
Right arrow – moving right
Bottom arrow – slowing down
Upper arrow – moving forward

Positive sides of Dolphin olympics 3

This game has many positive sides. One of these is the more the score one earns, the higher the speed the dolphin gains. This helps to sharpen one’s mind to look for ways of getting higher scores. Another positive side of the game is its simple controls. This makes it straightforward. The frequent sounds of dolphin make it enjoyable for those who love dolphin sounds. Additionally, there are various ways of earning more points. Some of these are by performing tricks and hitting on valuable items.

In conclusion, this game is a rejuvenating one.


Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked

Learn to Fly 3 UnblockedLearn to fly now has a third chapter—Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked. The game boasts, among other things, a cornucopia of new updates, starting with players being assigned a totally new mission.

As a player, all you have to do is help a fat, nonflying penguin reach the moon. Everything appears super easy at first, but as you play and try to get to the depth of it, that’s when it occurs to you that the game is just as challenging as any other.

First, you have to help build a powerful rocket from scratch using waste tools such as trash cans.

Compared to the previous Learn to Fly versions, Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked comes with a series of upgrades that will be taking you two to three hours to unlock.

It’s also to be noted that the upgrades are to be bought with the money you earn during flight tests. Even more important, to win this game, you have to consider the damage birds and wind are likely to cause to your spacecraft.

Learn to Fly 3 can be played both at work or at home. You can also change the look of your penguin or incorporate your own Muzak to the game menu.

one of the upgradesInstructions

Everything on the game revolves around a fuzzy NASA penguin. Your role as a player is to help him reach the moon.

You have to do whatever it takes to get him there even if it means spending your entire life in the game grinding and doing minor tweaks to the rocket.

The game requires that you launch yourself every day using the available materials. You get to earn in the process, with the cash being used to purchase new additions or upgrade your machine.

Your goal is to make the rocket fly even faster and farther, and in the end help the penguin reach the moon.

You also get to unlock many components along the way, which is the reason the game becomes even more challenging as you near the end.

Some of the components you unlock work better with lightweight materials. Your assembly also gets heavier the more you unlock the components. You have to be clever enough to factor all that in your plays to make your flight even more assuring.

wings for penguineWorth mentioning is the unlocking of boost, which enables you to fly with WASD. Things get even trickier when you learn that you could also switch your aircraft body.

Game Control

The game’s control is a no brainer.

. – Use Left and Right buttons to steer. A and D button are the alternative buttons performing the same task.

. – Use the Up button for boosts. The W button will still get you the job done.

. – The Down button should make the spacecraft stop. You could as well use the S button to do the same.

. – Use buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4 for single boosts.



Learn to Fly 2 unlocked is a little more advanced than the previous versions. It has fantastic animated visuals and a great deal of humor. In short, it has everything one would expect in such a game after testing the previous versions.


TANK TROUBLE HACKEDIntroduction to tank trouble

Tank trouble is an online game which involves the tankers for war and they are used for destroying enemies. It happens that there are other tank games which can be accessed online. Tank trouble game seems to be different from all. The game is very interesting and doesn’t cause monotony to the player. The basic rules in playing the game are very easy for a starter to grasp and then go on with the fantasy in the game. What is just required is to open the website, load the game and then you will be ready to go.

Game controls

The game is absolutely free. This means there is no sign-up charges or any charge connected to playing the game. Amazingly, tank trouble game is free as compared to other online games in which you have to purchase in order to play. The controls for the game are E, S, D, F for single player where he shoots using F. for two players, one controls the game using the arrow keys. To shoot, the players use key M. for three players the mouse is used to control the tanker. Clicking the left mouse button is a shoot command.

Game modes

Tank trouble can be played in different modes. One of the modes is single mode. Here, the player has to compete with the computer. He has to utilize all his skills in playing the game so that he may win over the computer. Defeating the computer is amusing and this brings some sort of entertainment to the player. Another mode used is the two player mode. Here a friend is invited to the game. The competition is between the two players. Also, the game includes a triple mode whereby three players can concurrently compete.

dueloftanksTank trouble levels

While playing this game, simple skills are required. For new players, practicing the game can make one gain the required skills to enable one to win. The game comes along with different levels ranging from small to big maps. One is required to finish one level before ascending to the next level. A variety of weapons is available. The weapons will appear on the screen and are collected only through hitting the icon with a special weapon.

The game is very interesting and it builds creativity of the player. It also unites the player thus promoting social cohesiveness. The hacked game will provide entertainment to the players. There will be no more boredom in the real world. Any time, any place the game will be available.

One of the coolest shooting games out there – Raze

Shooting games are one of the most fun ways for passing time and Raze wins the race at being the best online shooting game. Developed by Armor Games this game comes with a wide range of customization features and options. With over 33 million plays this game has nothing to prove in terms of entertainment and popularity.

One of the coolest shooting games out there – RazeFeatures: The quality of the game graphics can be changed for different internet speeds. People can play Raze through a campaign or have a quick match. In a campaign, the player can choose human or alien alliance although human alliance needs to be completed to unlock the alien alliance option. In quick match mode people can choose from 5 different QWOP game modes which are quite adjustable for the best match. The game comes with 9 different types of weapons which all have their benefits as well as disadvantages. The game also features good music and sound effects which may be also turned off by the player.

Controls: The arrow keys or WASD keys can be used to move your character in the required direction. You can make the character jump using space bar and pressing the up key or W while in air makes the character perform a double jump. People can choose different weapons using the number keys (e.g: 1,2,3… etc.) People can also switch weapons quickly by pressing Q and E or Shift and Enter to change between the previous and next weapon. Firing weapons is quite easy as the player can aim using the mouse cursor and shoot by pressing left click. People can press P or Ctrl key to pause their game while pressing Tab will help you to view the scores.

Instructions: Raze comes with a number of instructions and tips for helping the players. The attack related tips help the player to eliminate the enemies quickly while survival tips are to shield the character from harm. As well as you can try latest version of Happy wheels at .

Review of Happy Wheels Full version

Review of Happy Wheels Full versionHappy Wheels Full version is an incredible adventure game. This game is both scary and funny. Playing this game basically involves controlling the character with an aim of moving through dangerous levels as fast as you can successfully. With the full version of this game, you can do so many things including racing auto that allows you to toy around the street.

Instructions on how to play

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind for you to play this game successfully. The game’s vehicle is totally physics based and the game is developed by flash. The HappyWheelsUnblocked allows you to choose the vehicle and character of your choice. Sometimes you even have a total of four characters to choose. Once you have picked the character and vehicle that suits you best, you have to run as fast as you can in order to finish the levels successfully. You have to be very keen since you will come across many obstacles on your way which you must evade. These obstacles increase as you progress in the various levels thus you must avoid knocking them. You are needed to complete certain keyboard texts for you to continue playing whenever you knock an obstacle . All you need to finish all its complex levels is patience and skills.horroringame


The controls for the game include:
• Z = Eject
• SPACE = Primary Action.
• Shift & Control = Secondary Actions.
• Up = Forward acceleration.
• Down = Reverse.
• Right = Tilt Clockwise.
• Left = Tilt Anti-Clockwise.
The main characters.
Below is an outline of the main characters.

I. The Wheelchair Uncle.
This is the first character in the game. This character looks poor in his stitched clothes plus white mustache. The character who appears untidy normally sits in a wheelchair that is equipped with supper jet technology. For you to fire the jet and increase speed, you have to press the spacebar key. It is also interesting to remember that in hacked version of the game you are immortal.

II. Segway Guy.
This character borrows several features from the other three characters. Sometimes it has a silver Segway plus a spring activator. If you want it to jump up, simply press the spacebar key. The character looks young.

III. Irresponsible Dad.
As the name suggest, this character carries his child on his bicycle in the entire game. There is therefore a high risk of his child dying. If the child dies, the character still continues with the race in so as to complete the level.
IV. Effective Shopper
This fourth character is of feminine gender. She rides a bicycle and carries groceries and other items.


Are you ready for the Return Man Sequel

The ESPN Arcade “Return Man” game is back with a sequel to it’s ever popular free online “Return Man” American football flash game series.
Return Man takes the game a step further than the original Return Man; it comes packed with multiple stages that can only be unlocked once you successfully complete the current stage.

Are you ready for the Return Man SequelSo, what makes this “Return Man” different?

Your goal will still remain the same. Only this time, unlike in the original Return Man 8 where you stood in place to receive the ball, you have to run toward the yellow circle ,before it fills up, to receive the ball.
If you don’t get there on time and the ball drops, you have to pick it up before you are tackled or the opposing defenders jump on it, then run toward the end zone for a touchdown.
One other difference in Return Man 2, is that you are allowed to run backwards!
As usual, you begin with 5 total “possessions” represented by a series of footballs at the top of your screen. These are your “lives”.

So how is Return Man 2 played?

Once more, your keyboard comes in very handy in this flash based game.
Use the “I” keyboard key to move your player forward, while simultaneously using the “J” keyboard key to dodge or run left, the “L” keyboard key to dodge or run right, and the “K” keyboard key to move backwards.

At the sound of the whistle, a yellow circle appears and you need to position your player on it to receive the ball, before it fills up. If the yellow circle fills up before you get to it, you have dropped the ball.
Luckily, you can pick it up and continue the sprint towards a touchdown.espn

You unlock special moves to dodge defenders, as you move along the various stages of the game. But, you can only use these moves once per play.

You can activate the special moves through your keyboard by using the “A” key for the “Spin” special move, the “S” key for the “Speedburst” special move and the “D” key for the “Front Flip” special move.

As you can see, Return Man 3 from ESPN Arcade is a major advancement on the original Return Man. You can play Return Man Wideout for free at .


Impossible Quiz 2 – Challenge yourself

Impossible quiz 2 flash game is an internet tool that will test your IQ to figure out your level of smartness. It all began with the game’s first version, which has gained popularity over the years for its game-play and nice interface. The primary idea of this game is providing difficult, but funny quizzes. Giving the right answers to all the quizzes makes you the ultimate winner.

impossible quiz 2

Game controls:

This game’s controller is among the easiest. All that a player needs to play this fun and interesting game is a mouse.

Playing the game:

The fundamental goal of the game is to answer different questions on any given subject. You need to have knowledge, intuition and logic to correctly respond to all questions. The quizzes of this game are not only funny, but also well designed. You will undoubtedly enjoy this game, which never gets boring or annoying regardless of its silly questions. Some parts of the game may necessitate typing in some letters. It is vital for you to type with the fastest speed possible to earn high scores.


The game’s design:

Before talking about to the design I want to remind you that new unblocked tank trouble 2 has been released, now lets continue with puzzle game – with respect to Impossible Quiz 2’s design, there is a colorful loading page that has a green button to mark the start of the game. All you need to do is click on the button to begin the game. The pages containing questions are also nice. The fact that the game incorporates a wide range of colors makes it more interesting. For example, if you give a wrong answer, an explosion sound is heard making it funny and enjoyable.

Although you may get the initial impression that the game is quite easy, it actually isn’t. It is advisable to adopt a serious attitude when playing it. Remember that the game is highly addictive. After each failure, you will get the urge to give it another attempt. Only a few people have finished this game, hence winning will be a major accomplishment.

A Detailed Look at Boxhead Games – The Ultimate PC Flash Games to Play

A Detailed Look at Boxhead Games - The Ultimate PC Flash Games to PlayBoxhead, created by Sean Cooper, is not a conventional zombie shooting PC flash game just like Electric Man 2. It’s a series of PC flash games that begin with the original game, Boxhead The Zombie Wars. Boxhead Games have progressively achieved immense popularity and have extended with Boxhead Play Rooms and Boxhead The Rooms. By the way both versions of this fascinating game can be found at official blog if you are wondering.

Objective of Boxhead Games
This is pretty simple; you either kill or be killed. It is imperative to gather enough power-ups and weapons along the way while keeping your multiplier at the highest possible level. You typically earn more weapons, or upgrade your current weapons when you increase your multiplier. And, every single kill increases it by 1. The multiplier will eventually go back down, which helps to speed up depending on the overall level of your multiplier.

Enemies and Weaknesses
Boxhead’s Zombies are absolutely easy to kill, but it can be an actual pain if they dodge you. When zombies dodge you, it’d be prudent to utilize the best weapons, such as the grenades and shotgun, to assassinate them. Alternatively, you’ve what it takes to choose your favorite weapon to use in killing the zombie.

second versionDevils are rather stronger than zombies, and that’s why it can take lots of time as well as dozens of shots to eliminate them. They’re typically sturdy against the explosive and rail guns. Experts suggest incorporating Uzi or shotgun to kill them.
The Uzi tends to be fast, as a result, it will shoot the devils down before they rise up and start shooting fireballs at you. On the other hand, a shotgun tends to be extremely strong. Consequently, it will take them down in fewer shots.

How To Stay Alive
You can’t just approach a mob of “perilous” zombies if you’re low on health because you’ll die easily. It is important to avoid them so you can give yourself ample time to regain your full health. You can similarly grab an item box whenever your health is low to give you full health.

Be extra careful, though. Remember, after the initial 20 to 30 levels or more, it’ll cease from providing you with full health—making you susceptible to death as you’ll be relying on your own health regeneration.

Movement and Controls
– Player 1: Arrow keys for movement
– Player 2: W, A, S, and D for movement

– Player 1: Space (single player)
– Player 1: / (Multi player)
– Player 2: Space

Changing Weapons
– Single Player: Numbers 0-9
– Player 1: keys (Multi player)
– Player 2: E and Q keys

Always ensure that you upgrade. Your weapons will get better and better as you earn more. Therefore, be keeping your multiplier up for a better result.

Always ensure that you take good care of the Box Devils as soon as possible. Box Devils can just shoot energy balls at you even if you aren’t shooting at them.

phoneAlways play on Cooperative Mode, just two times the overall firepower. While explosives are your best friend, they can likewise turn out to be your worst enemy. So, make sure you aren’t too giddy with the Rocket Launcher since the splash damage can certainly thwart your zombie killing strategies. Another Epic flash game is Tank Trouble which you can play at  official website and .