Dolphin Olympics 3There are various interesting games one can play. One of these is the dolphin Olympics 3. This game is very easy to play. This makes it a good choice for those who like interesting simple games. Just like other games, this game has its objectives. The main on is to perform tricks. The more tricks one performs, the higher the speed one gains. This owes to the fact that the game begins at a slower speed in the level one. Another objective is to perform more complex moves. This helps to boost the speed as well.

How to play the game
Playing the game is simple and it is similar to well known game Happy Wheels. Its controls are based on the direction arrows of a computer’s keyboard. The left arrow is for moving to the left. You can use the key to move upward when the dolphin is moving to the left-hand side. The right arrow is used to move the dolphin to the right. It can also be used to move the dolphin to the downward direction when the dolphin is moving to the right-hand side. For slowing down, one needs to press down the bottom arrow. Pressing down the upward arrow helps to move the dolphin forward. In order to boost the dolphin, one needs to press down the space bar.

Here is a summary of the control keys:

Left arrow – moving left
Right arrow – moving right
Bottom arrow – slowing down
Upper arrow – moving forward

Positive sides of Dolphin olympics 3

This game has many positive sides. One of these is the more the score one earns, the higher the speed the dolphin gains. This helps to sharpen one’s mind to look for ways of getting higher scores. Another positive side of the game is its simple controls. This makes it straightforward. The frequent sounds of dolphin make it enjoyable for those who love dolphin sounds. Additionally, there are various ways of earning more points. Some of these are by performing tricks and hitting on valuable items.

In conclusion, this game is a rejuvenating one.