This sequel after the Shopping cart hero brings not only the fun into pushing cart downhill but also with improved graphics and sound. The game allows gamers to enjoy a fast and exhilarating ride in a shopping cart down a steep hillside. With the rockets, hang gliders and many more cool features, this game brings all fantasies of pushing a shopping cart to live.

The player controls the stick-character on screen by using the arrow keys; up key for running, down key for hopping into the cart and the left and right arrows for controlling the cart as it races down a steep hill. The main objective is to move the cart as high and as fast as possible without crushing it which could kill you or your groupies.

Unlike the initial game, Shopping Cart Hero 2 allows users to adjust the quality of graphics and sound as per personal preferences. Other upgrades include football helmet, baseball hat wheely, round wheels for increased rolling speed and so on. Air tricks include up-n-out, superman and handstand all of which can be purchased with points collected during gaming.

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