The ESPN Arcade “Return Man” game is back with a sequel to it’s ever popular free online “Return Man” American football flash game series.
Return Man takes the game a step further than the original Return Man; it comes packed with multiple stages that can only be unlocked once you successfully complete the current stage.

Are you ready for the Return Man SequelSo, what makes this “Return Man” different?

Your goal will still remain the same. Only this time, unlike in the original Return Man 8 where you stood in place to receive the ball, you have to run toward the yellow circle ,before it fills up, to receive the ball.
If you don’t get there on time and the ball drops, you have to pick it up before you are tackled or the opposing defenders jump on it, then run toward the end zone for a touchdown.
One other difference in Return Man 2, is that you are allowed to run backwards!
As usual, you begin with 5 total “possessions” represented by a series of footballs at the top of your screen. These are your “lives”.

So how is Return Man 2 played?

Once more, your keyboard comes in very handy in this flash based game.
Use the “I” keyboard key to move your player forward, while simultaneously using the “J” keyboard key to dodge or run left, the “L” keyboard key to dodge or run right, and the “K” keyboard key to move backwards.

At the sound of the whistle, a yellow circle appears and you need to position your player on it to receive the ball, before it fills up. If the yellow circle fills up before you get to it, you have dropped the ball.
Luckily, you can pick it up and continue the sprint towards a touchdown.espn

You unlock special moves to dodge defenders, as you move along the various stages of the game. But, you can only use these moves once per play.

You can activate the special moves through your keyboard by using the “A” key for the “Spin” special move, the “S” key for the “Speedburst” special move and the “D” key for the “Front Flip” special move.

As you can see, Return Man 3 from ESPN Arcade is a major advancement on the original Return Man. You can play Return Man Wideout for free at .