Review of Happy Wheels Full versionHappy Wheels Full version is an incredible adventure game. This game is both scary and funny. Playing this game basically involves controlling the character with an aim of moving through dangerous levels as fast as you can successfully. With the full version of this game, you can do so many things including racing auto that allows you to toy around the street.

Instructions on how to play

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind for you to play this game successfully. The game’s vehicle is totally physics based and the game is developed by flash. The HappyWheelsUnblocked allows you to choose the vehicle and character of your choice. Sometimes you even have a total of four characters to choose. Once you have picked the character and vehicle that suits you best, you have to run as fast as you can in order to finish the levels successfully. You have to be very keen since you will come across many obstacles on your way which you must evade. These obstacles increase as you progress in the various levels thus you must avoid knocking them. You are needed to complete certain keyboard texts for you to continue playing whenever you knock an obstacle . All you need to finish all its complex levels is patience and skills.horroringame


The controls for the game include:
• Z = Eject
• SPACE = Primary Action.
• Shift & Control = Secondary Actions.
• Up = Forward acceleration.
• Down = Reverse.
• Right = Tilt Clockwise.
• Left = Tilt Anti-Clockwise.
The main characters.
Below is an outline of the main characters.

I. The Wheelchair Uncle.
This is the first character in the game. This character looks poor in his stitched clothes plus white mustache. The character who appears untidy normally sits in a wheelchair that is equipped with supper jet technology. For you to fire the jet and increase speed, you have to press the spacebar key. It is also interesting to remember that in hacked version of the game you are immortal.

II. Segway Guy.
This character borrows several features from the other three characters. Sometimes it has a silver Segway plus a spring activator. If you want it to jump up, simply press the spacebar key. The character looks young.

III. Irresponsible Dad.
As the name suggest, this character carries his child on his bicycle in the entire game. There is therefore a high risk of his child dying. If the child dies, the character still continues with the race in so as to complete the level.
IV. Effective Shopper
This fourth character is of feminine gender. She rides a bicycle and carries groceries and other items.