TANK TROUBLE HACKEDIntroduction to tank trouble

Tank trouble is an online game which involves the tankers for war and they are used for destroying enemies. It happens that there are other tank games which can be accessed online. Tank trouble game seems to be different from all. The game is very interesting and doesn’t cause monotony to the player. The basic rules in playing the game are very easy for a starter to grasp and then go on with the fantasy in the game. What is just required is to open the website, load the game and then you will be ready to go.

Game controls

The game is absolutely free. This means there is no sign-up charges or any charge connected to playing the game. Amazingly, tank trouble game is free as compared to other online games in which you have to purchase in order to play. The controls for the game are E, S, D, F for single player where he shoots using F. for two players, one controls the game using the arrow keys. To shoot, the players use key M. for three players the mouse is used to control the tanker. Clicking the left mouse button is a shoot command.

Game modes

Tank trouble can be played in different modes. One of the modes is single mode. Here, the player has to compete with the computer. He has to utilize all his skills in playing the game so that he may win over the computer. Defeating the computer is amusing and this brings some sort of entertainment to the player. Another mode used is the two player mode. Here a friend is invited to the game. The competition is between the two players. Also, the game includes a triple mode whereby three players can concurrently compete.

dueloftanksTank trouble levels

While playing this game, simple skills are required. For new players, practicing the game can make one gain the required skills to enable one to win. The game comes along with different levels ranging from small to big maps. One is required to finish one level before ascending to the next level. A variety of weapons is available. The weapons will appear on the screen and are collected only through hitting the icon with a special weapon.

The game is very interesting and it builds creativity of the player. It also unites the player thus promoting social cohesiveness. The hacked game will provide entertainment to the players. There will be no more boredom in the real world. Any time, any place the game will be available.