Shooting games are one of the most fun ways for passing time and Raze wins the race at being the best online shooting game. Developed by Armor Games this game comes with a wide range of customization features and options. With over 33 million plays this game has nothing to prove in terms of entertainment and popularity.

One of the coolest shooting games out there – RazeFeatures: The quality of the game graphics can be changed for different internet speeds. People can play Raze through a campaign or have a quick match. In a campaign, the player can choose human or alien alliance although human alliance needs to be completed to unlock the alien alliance option. In quick match mode people can choose from 5 different QWOP game modes which are quite adjustable for the best match. The game comes with 9 different types of weapons which all have their benefits as well as disadvantages. The game also features good music and sound effects which may be also turned off by the player.

Controls: The arrow keys or WASD keys can be used to move your character in the required direction. You can make the character jump using space bar and pressing the up key or W while in air makes the character perform a double jump. People can choose different weapons using the number keys (e.g: 1,2,3… etc.) People can also switch weapons quickly by pressing Q and E or Shift and Enter to change between the previous and next weapon. Firing weapons is quite easy as the player can aim using the mouse cursor and shoot by pressing left click. People can press P or Ctrl key to pause their game while pressing Tab will help you to view the scores.

Instructions: Raze comes with a number of instructions and tips for helping the players. The attack related tips help the player to eliminate the enemies quickly while survival tips are to shield the character from harm. As well as you can try latest version of Happy wheels at .